Biggest Fish Winners

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FCC 2015 - Summer and Dean Crawley with Shoulders at 93.12

FCC 2014 - Winter and Steve Woolcombe with a Mirror of 54lb 06ozs

FCC 2014 - Summer and Tim Tyler with Humpy at 73lb 04ozs

2013 FCC - Andy Moore with Humpy at 67lbs

2012 FCC - Tim Broughton with Humpy at 66lbs

2011 FCC - Chris Seeley with Shoulders at 80lbs 04ozs

2010 FCC - Kev Turner with Shoulders 79lbs 06ozs

2009 FCC - Scott Bradbury 54lbs 10ozs

2008 BACC - Matt Brookfield 40lbs 03ozs

2007 BACC - Tom Symth 37lbs 07ozs

2006 BACC - Steve Hill 33lbs 08ozs

2005 BACC - Mick Redden 41lbs 10ozs

2004 BACC - Steve Bryce 38lbs 12ozs Common

2003 BACC - Jim Fisher 50lbs

2002 BACC - Terry McCann 31lbs 04ozs


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