FCC 2015 Summer Event (42 Images)

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1. FCC (S) 2015 - Group Shot

2. Briefing time

3. Russ Giving Instructions

4. First out of the bag is.

5. Peg 1. Wayne Middleton with a Mirror of 39.02

6. Peg 3a. Mark and Chris with a Common of 28.08

7. Peg 3b. Chris and Mark with a Mirror of 30.04

8. Peg 3c. Chris with there third and last fish a common of 14.00

9. Peg 5a. John and there first fish a Mirror of 38.08

10. Peg 5b. Peter with there second fish a mirror of 31.04

11. Sunrise over Fox lake

12. Peg 6a. Gareth with a new pb Mirror of 28.04

13. Peg 6b. A new pb common for Gareth of 31.04

14. Peg 7a. Graeme with there first fish a Mirror of 27.00

15. Peg 7b. A new pb common and fish 2 for Graeme at 30.00

16. Peg 7c. Graeme with fish 3 a Mirror of 38.04

17. Peg 7d. Graeme with fish 4 a Mirror of 43.05

18. Peg 7e. Finally partner Colwyn get his first fish and the pairs fifth a Mirror of 28.00

19. Peg 7f. Another for Colwyn and the pairs sixth and winning fish a Mirror of 23.14

20. A cracking sunrise

21. Peg 9. Their only fish of the event but what a fish - Shoulders 93.12 to Dean Crawley

22. Peg 9a. Another view of Shoulders

23. Peg 9b. Yes it really does say 93.12

24. Dean Getting his bucket

25. A head on shot to just show the width of him

26. Another bucket for Dean

27. Peg 9c. A great moment to share Dean & Paul

28. Peg 11a. Danny Champion with the First fish a Mirror of 25.12

29. Peg 11b. Rich with his first fish and there second a Mirror of 23.06

30. An evening shot of Heron and the mist is rolling in

31. Peg 14. Rod with there only fish a Mirror of 23.14

32. The moon is out and its still so light

33. Presentations ready

34. Abbey Thank you to Steve and Sam

35. First Fish - Danny

36. Biggest Mirror - Dean

37. Biggest Common - Gareth

38. Pairs winners Colwyn and Graeme flanked by the organisers Russ (L) and Tim (R)

39. All winners in 2015 with Russ (R) and Tim (L)

40. After walking away with the top cah prize even Graeme can afford a smile

41. Gareth broke both his pb and fully deserved his bucket

42. FCC (Summer) Champions 2015 - Col and Graeme


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